Honey, refreshing?

Zzinga is the perfect balance of the freshness of the apple and the sweetness of honey. The balance makes it light and the sparkliness makes it refreshing.

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How Zzinga Tastes

Balanced and Refreshing.

Zzinga Honey Cider is a light refreshing drink. The acidity of the apple is balanced with the sweetness of the honey. The extra sparkliness is making the light taste even more refreshing.

How best to drink it

Zzinga honey cider can be enjoyed straight from the bottle.
However, if you fancy something more refined, you can use a wine glass, fill it half full with ice, add some mint and lemon, and then top it off with Zzinga Honey Cider.

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The Inspiration for Zzinga

The idea actually comes from mead, also called honey wine. We were inspired by mead after after discovering it in Lithuania many years ago. It is the oldest alcoholic drink that we know of but is not as popular  anymore these days.
We wanted to give the drink a modern spin and found that our combination of apple and honey was a game changer!