Our Journey

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It’s time for something refreshingly different. 

Among the South Tyrol mountains, an idea took flight. Inspired by mead (honey wine), the oldest alcoholic drink in the world, and the natural biodiversity around them, friends Fabian and Elias set off, buzzing with a new creation.

Dreaming of reconnecting people and nature, and armed with Europe’s finest blossom honey (thanks, bees), they created a drink like no other: predictably delicious, surprisingly versatile, and with impact on the world around them.

Zzinga Honey Cider: Expanding the horizon of cider.

It’s unique honey taste is the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. Refreshingness is at Zzinga’s core: Light and easy to drink with no added nonsense.

So bee Inspired like they were and take a sip – and don’t forget to raise a glass to our good friends in the hive.

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Enjoy and let it bee

As much as we love our honey cider, we love bees. Our friends in the hive are having a hard time. Following our mission “Honey for the People, Flowers for the Bees” we provide bees the support they need. Flowers for the bees is all about helping bees and biodiversity thrive. Learn more about what we do and how you can help …..